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Nokia was chosen by Nasa to bring the 4G network to the Moon

Nokia is a Finnish network giant that will partner up with Nasa to deploy the first LTE (4G) wireless communications system on the Moon. Nasa is planning to use the Moon as a launching point for future space explorations, which includes the mission to Mars. Nokia Bell Labs will build in late 2022 the first [...]


Latin America remains interesting for Finnish products and solutions

Latin American countries are still a significant market area for Finnish products and solutions, although the countries are currently being hit hard by the corona Pandemic. Millions of people are living in the area. The market is large and will recover in the coming years. The countries are friendly towards new companies, especially European. [...]


Market Entry in Latin America

Market entry in Latin American countries requires perseverance. A reliable partner and good references help you find customers. The corona pandemic has hit countries this spring, but Finnish companies should still keep in mind the many business opportunities that Latin America offers. The majority of Finnish companies that have invested in Latin America are large [...]

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