Personal and Corporate Happiness – the formula for SUCCESS!
Last Wednesday, SWEDCHAM’s Human Capital Committee in collaboration with FINNCHAM and DUTCHAM hosted Heidi Virta, Senior Director and Head of Business Finland for Latin America; Kauê Felipe de Souza, Talent Management Coordinator at The Heineken Company; and Vinicius Kitahara, founder of Vinning / Corporate Happiness Consulting – for a unique panel discussion on personal and corporate happiness, moderated by Carol Böttcher (HCC Coordinator and Director at BrainKapital Executive Search).

For the sixth year in a row, Finland is the world’s happiest country, based on the World Happiness Report and according to Heidi, the 5 values in Finnish society that work as the main factors for that accomplishment are:

-Tranqulity and peace

Feelings of fulfillment and well-being boost professionals’ commitment, engagement, and loyalty to their organization, ultimately contributing to its success. During his lecture, Vinicius taught us that the factor that contributes most to long-term happiness is good quality relationships 🤝

In case you want to hear more about the topic, watch the full lectures here: