World BioEconomy Forum took place outside of Finland for the first time bringing the Forum to Brazil. World BioEconomy Forum 2021 was organized in Belém, Pará on October 18-21 2021. It was organized by the World BioEconomy Forum and the Government of the State of Pará with the support of Brazilian Association of Agribusiness (ABAG) and the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá).


The sessions of the Forum focused on four pillars: I The Bioeconomy: People, Planet, Policies, II Global Leaders and the Financial World, III Bioproducts Around Us and IV Looking to the Future. The session counted with a participation of 60 speakers from 19 countries. The speakers ranged from entrepreneurs and bankers to scientists and journalists as well as from goverment officials to repsentatives of the inigeous peoples and local communties of the Amazon region.

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