The Seminar “Governance and the Future of Brazil”

The Seminar took place at the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Augusto Nardes, Minister of the TCU and Ambassador of the RGB (Rede de Governança do Brasil), delivered the brilliant keynote lecture: “GOVERNANCE: THE CHALLENGE OF BRAZIL”.

Coordinated by Journalist and Political Scientist, Claudia Cataldi, coordinator of the Governance Committee in the Legislative Branch of RGB and professor at ELERI, the event was attended by the Honorary Consul General of Finland and President of Finncham, Sérgio Chamone, by Deputy Brasão, host who received the authorities present for a nice breakfast in his office, ex. Minister Nelson Teich, Mayors, Deputies, Academics in addition to the former. Soccer star, Petkovic.

Dr. Augusto Nardes, who was in Finland last year for the “World Climate Audit Conference”, showed the importance of Governance for the better functioning of all levels of public administration, for attracting foreign investment and even for re-election…

There were 4 hours of seminar in the crowded Elerj auditorium, in addition to almost two thousand virtual participants. Undoubtedly, Governance and Transparency are the challenge and necessary condition for the future of Brazil!