The leadership team of Aquarela Analytics— CEO Marcos Santos, CCO Joni Hoppen, and Business Engineer Eurico L. Q. Neto — together with Roseanne Fontana, the consul of Finland in Paraná and Santa Catarina, and Maxwill Araújo Braga, President of the Innovation and Learning Committee of FinnCham Brazil visited the facilities of Valmet in Araucária, Parana. From Valmet’s side participated the CEO Celso Tacla (who has been to Finland more than 100 times) and also Marlon Marquette Supply Chain Manager South America, and Fernando Carlos Vieira SA IT Operation Manager.

During the visit we strengthened the partnership on FinnCham Brazil and the consulate with Valmet and agreed to have recurrent meetings with Pedro Paciornik, South Regional Director of FinnCham Brazil and Strategy, Quality and Marketing Director of Valmet.

Aquarela Analytics visited the headquarters of Valmet in Tampere, Finland, last year and the CEO will meet Valmet Finland in may 2024 and continue the negotiations of a potential partnership involving artificial intelligence and advanced.