The leadership team of Aquarela Analytics — CEO Marcos Santos, CCO Joni Hoppen, and Business Engineer Eurico L. Q. Neto —recently met with Roseanne Fontana, the consul of Finland in Paraná and Santa Catarina, and Maxwill Araújo Braga, President of the Innovation and Learning Committee of FinnCham Brazil at the consulate office in Curitiba. This initial meeting marks the beginning of a series of engagements as part of Aquarela’s roadshow in Curitiba, where they will be visiting Finnish companies to showcase the cutting-edge solutions in Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

As part of their strategic plan to expand into the European market, Aquarela’s CEO will be spending several months in Finland. The objectives include internationalizing operations, tapping into the European market, bringing Brazilian talent abroad, and expanding the global footprint of Aquarela