Pertti Latikka brings to the table a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in international business. His background includes successfully spearheading the establishment and growth of overseas business units for multinational corporations. He excels in change management and has a proven track record in introducing and implementing Nordic business culture.

His expertise extends to market research, strategic planning, branding, budgeting, recruitment, technology transfer, and project management. He has played a pivotal role in opening up export opportunities for European companies looking to expand into South America. Additionally, he is well-versed in forestry, energy efficiency, pulp and paper production, industrial machinery optimization, maintenance services, and various energy solutions like solar and wind power.

He specializes in fostering strategic partnerships and providing tailored solutions for companies venturing into new markets. His ability to navigate diverse industries including pulp & paper, mining, food & beverage, and energy generation sets him apart. He is committed to driving the company towards sustained growth and success through innovative strategies and a strong focus on market entry and expansion.