FinnCham’s delegation visits Eldorado Institute in Campinas, SP

Eldorado Research Institute operates in the areas of software, hardware, microelectronics, testing, education and consulting, creating and executing projects and solutions focused on technology and innovation. It has currently 80 partners including international companies and it’s keen to making many more partnerships.

Yesterday, the Team Finland network visited the institute, an important R&D&I center, in Campinas (SP. According to Consul Kari Puurunen, Brazil and Finland have been increasingly cooperating in the field of research and development. Examples include, among others, 5G and 6G.

On behalf of the Finnish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (FinnCham Brazil) CEO, Honorary Consul Sergio Chamone, we take the opportunity to thank Vinicius Pagano, Monika Heringer, and Leandro Ruzene Sergio for the kind invitation.

All the guests were welcomed with excellence, and we thank everybody involved in organizing the visit and for making it happen. It was fantastic and very well put together!