Institutional Relations Director

Gerson Pacheco advises the private sector, public authorities and civil society on Environmental and Social Strategy and Governance (ESG). He works in the humanitarian area with Sustainable Social Transformation in Poverty and in the development of young people for employability and entrepreneurship. He also explores innovative technologies for business gains and for gains in quality and dignity of life for society.

He was National Director of ChildFund Brasil for 15 years, an American humanitarian organization that has been operating for 85 years and is present in more than 60 countries. ChildFund Brasil’s mission is social transformation and overcoming poverty for children, adolescents, young people, families and communities. During his administration, was developed and implemented Ponte Social, a channel for mobilizing the richest areas of Brazil to the neediest. There was established a youth development network with more than 10,000 young people called REJUDES and created a Social Intelligence Center (NIS) with PUC Minas.

He worked at Xerox for 31 years. During this period, he contributed significantly with: the launch of the first virtual store in Brazil in 1997; the development of audit automation software implemented at Xerox in Brazil, Europe and the United States; he was one of 12 consultants, in London, in the business excellence certification process at Rank Xerox for continuous improvements, which culminated in the award from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM); and the development and implementation of the first Customer Service Center (Bauru/SP) in the Xerox world and in Brazil.