Cooperation between Brazil and Finland strengthens knowledge exchange

The president visited Aalto University and met with Finnish public managers, experts and teachers, as well as Brazilian students who are in an exchange program in the Finnish capital

One of the priorities of President Dilma Rousseff on her official visit to Finland on Tuesday (20), is to strengthen the agenda between the two countries in education, science, technology and innovation.

In education, Finland was among the firsts to receive students from the Science Without Borders program and has provided, to date, 222 scholarships. One of these fellows is graduating Heitor Bittencourt, who was born in Ourinhos (SP), but is studying physics at University of São Paulo (USP), São Carlos (SP) campus.

Heitor is studying particle physics at the University of Helsinki and believes that the Finnish teaching methodology will make a difference in his career. "It has a very extense list of subjects that we do not have or that are different in Brazil. They are subjects and approaches, and that to me is very cool. When I return to Brazil in May next year, for sure what I learned here will be very important and helpful for me. (...) They are disciplines that will complement my studies here and also in Brazil so I have a slightly different training and will be able to apply it later", says Heitor, that wants to pursue a career as a researcher.

The educational cooperation between Brazil and Finland also resulted in the VET project - Training for the Future, in which 62 Brazilian teachers of technical education come make an improvement three months in Finnish universities. There are expecting another 30 teachers of the federal network to come to continue the exchange.

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